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Job Vacancy Compnay Date
Hotel Manager Human Capital Ripples 2014-04-14
House Manager (Food / Beverage and Rooms) Akosombo Hotels Ltd. (Volta Hotel) 2014-04-14
HouseHelp Needed for a Home Individual 2014-04-14
Kitchen Assistants needed urgently Reputable company 2014-04-14
Manager, Finance and Administration Akosombo Hotels Ltd. (Volta Hotel) 2014-04-14
Marketers Danny Multimedia Enterprise 2014-04-14
Marketing Manager Feeder Matrix 2014-04-14
Marketing Personnel Needed Urgently Vision Healthcare Clinic (VHC) 2014-04-14
Marketing Professionals/Medical Consultants Needed A Reputable Health Organization 2014-04-14
Marketing/Business Development Manager Dions Consults 2014-04-14
Medical Representative A Reputable FMCG Firm 2014-04-14
Mining Estimator ( Load and Haul) A Career Guidance Consultancy 2014-04-14
Mobile App Programmer Badly Wanted Stoke Innovations 2014-04-14
Pre Sellers Needed Urgently Hotjobs Africa Limited 2014-04-14
Project Engineering Manager A Career Guidance Consultancy 2014-04-14
Project Manager, High Rise ( Expat package) A Career Guidance Consultancy 2014-04-14
Quality Assurance (Laboratory) HPW Fresh & Dry Ltd 2014-04-14
Quantity Surveyor Neo 2014-04-14
Real Estate Managers Confidential 2014-04-14
Sales & Marketing - Food Products FoodServe Consulting 2014-04-14
Sales and Software Assistants Needed Urgently Reputable I.T Company 2014-04-14
Sales Girl The Hair Shop 2014-04-14
Security Guards Confidential 2014-04-14
Senior Manager Global Mobility ( Expat package) A Career Guidance Consultancy 2014-04-14
Senior Planning Engineer/ Manager ( Expat package) A Career Guidance Consultancy 2014-04-14
Site Engineer Neo 2014-04-14
Teachers Needed Urgently School 2014-04-14
Technical Manager A Career Guidance Consultancy 2014-04-14
Typist Danny Multimedia Enterprise 2014-04-14
WAREHOUSE ASSISSTANT Confidential 2014-04-14
WAREHOUSE COORDINATOR Confidential 2014-04-14
WEB DEVELOPER/ IT PERSONNEL Confidential 2014-04-14
3 Graphic Designers needed urgent X Print 2014-04-12
Cargo Handlers Confidential 2014-04-12
Credit Manager MSL 2014-04-12
Drivers needed urgently Diamond Services 2014-04-12
Electrical Engineers And Electricians Needed Urgently For Immediate Employment Kaj-Procurement 2014-04-12
Fashion Design Instructor JACCD 2014-04-12
Finance and Admin Manager (From a Heavy Equipment Company) A Reputable Company 2014-04-12
Gardeners A Reputable company 2014-04-12
Operations/Business Development Manager A Training & Management Consulting Firm 2014-04-12
Portfolio Analyst A Reputable Company 2014-04-12
Rigger Supervisor M-P Infrastructure Ghana 2014-04-12
Sales Managers Needed Urgently Phanos Industry 2014-04-12
Technical Sales Executive A Reputable Company 2014-04-12
Warehouse Auditor M-P Infrastructure Ghana 2014-04-12
Adminitration Assitance Mail Finance 2014-04-11
Assistant M and E Officer IFDC 2014-04-11
Bilingual Secretary IFDC 2014-04-11
Civil Engineer & Head of Sales Teams A reputable Roofing & Estate Company 2014-04-11